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Meet Sifu David

David Cunniff, a 1979 graduate of St. Bonaventure University, established In Balance Concepts, Inc. in 1997 following extensive training in myriad aspects of Financial and Management Accounting. Sifu Dave started his martial arts training in 1993, with Master Phil Sant, in Brewster, NY. Due to serious back injury in 1995, the healing arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung soon became a way of life. It was through easing his client's financial stresses that Dave learned of another, deeper need his clients had...to get "In Balance."

We all have our own "internal Accounting system" which can function more efficiently when properly trained. While Sifu Dave still offers accounting services for select clients, his Tai Chi classes well-known to help clients manage the internal aspect of accounting.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi helps us heal and manage stress.

Our philosophy is the human body can heal itself and create physical, mental and spiritual health from the inside out. Our school's mission is to help individuals manage and reduce stress, which contributes to a vast array of maladies and costs companies billions in lost productivity and health care. With the techniques we teach, participants will learn how to cope with stressful situations as well as managing stress on a daily basis.
Chi Kung Practice for Health and Relaxation

  • For over 3000 years Chi Kung has been practiced for health and relaxation.
  • It was around 582 AD a Buddhist monk from India arrived at the Shaolin Temple in China.
  • These practices taught by In Balance Tai Chi Studio have been handed down for generations from the Shaolin Temple.
  • Our Tai Chi classes are designed to give students the maximum health and emotional benefits that come from being in balance.

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